From the Diary Of

Keegan Dillon

A 2008 graduate from Ferris State University, in the Welding Engineering Technology program, I spent 7 years contracting between RoMan Engineering Services and R&E Automated Systems. I left contracting to work for Stanley Engineered Fastening (a division of Stanley Black & Decker), as an application engineering in their automotive stud welding division. In 2016 I was asked to join the SEF Breakthrough Innovation team, as the Joining Lead, where I spent 2 years working in Germany. Upon returning to America, I have continued work with the Innovation team in Troy Michigan. In 2020, I founded JOINER Services LLC that offers an innovative way to connect businesses directly with self-employed engineering contractors on its web-based platform. Over my career, I have spent time living in Mexico, Canada, Thailand, and Germany.

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