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Tameka Chapman

Tameka Chapman is a US Navy Veteran, Television Producer, Award-Winning & International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Global Speaker, former Paralegal Specialist [15 years] and 7-Figure Business Growth Strategist to some amazing entrepreneurs. When she is not busy in her multiple roles as the CEO of Mogul Media, LLC, she is fully enjoying life with her husband of 22+ years and the ah-mazing toddler duo Aspen + Arden!

Tameka's professional journey began in 1996 when she graduated high school and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After her initial enlistment, she was honorably discharged. In 2003, she decided that she needed to attend college for a higher education. That began her 15-year paralegal career. As a Senior Paralegal Specialist, she worked in the private sector and then with a couple of government agencies before resigning.  

In 2020, after resigning from her legal career, Tameka created The Mogul Channel. In 2021, she created the Mogul TV Global Network, now offering the families across the globe an opportunity to experience positive television programming.

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